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Terms of office

  1. Every person who is an adult; male or female regardless of their citizenship if they are single or in a long-lasting separation if their only aim for joining is finding a partner for live can become a Client of our Office.

  2. The Client agrees to seek a partner according to the rules of the office and authorizes the Office to represent him or her to acting concerning realization of point 1 of these rules.

  3. The Office guaranties full discretion to all Clients and commits itself to provide the matrimonial-introductory service thoroughly.

  4. The Clients are fully responsible for the truthfulness of the data and information filled in the Registration Form.

  5. While filling in the Registration Form Client will be notified about the aim for collecting personal data, in particular about the receivers and their categories, right do see his or her own data and to make changes in it as well as freedom of choice in providing it. ( Dz. U. Nr 101, poz.926).

  6. Our membership time is 6 months. Within this time it is possible to suspend the service for up to 2 months because of a journey, annual leave, illness or building a relationship with a partner. When necessary for further realization of matrimonial-introductory aim it is possible to extend the Contract by another 6 months. In this case the Client is entitled to a discount for the service.

  7. Every Client is obliged to terminate further contacts with a partner, if he or she withholds their consensus to continuation of the relationship.

  8. In case of repetitive complains or breaching of these rules the Office reserves the right to terminate the contract with the Client concerned when verbal warning does not bring the expected effect.

  9. The Client is obliged to notify the Office about the result of the meeting with a potential partner to clarify whether or not the continuation of the matrimonial-introductory service is necessary.

  1. The Office does not interfere into the relation between potential partners, and their private contacts are a matter of their mutual responsibility.

  2. The responsibility of the Office is excluded in case of random incidents extending beyond the competence of the Office and unforeseeable. The Client has no right to complain in that case nor seeking compensation from the Office.

  3. The Client is not entitled to a refund of the fees borne for the ordered service while resigning from the service of the Office.

  4. Every Client of our Office is obliged to full discretion concerning met persons through the Office, has no right to use any data received from the Office, in particular pass it to other persons nor use it commercially, or in any other way than described in The Rules.

  5. The Office reserves the right to refuse application for registration or cancelling the contract , if the person who wishes to become or already being the Client breaches general rules of the Office, or generally accepted rules of social interaction.

  6. Every Client agrees to attach to the Registration Form at least 1 photo. Taking 1 free photograph is also possible at the Office premises. If needed, the Office can put the Client in touch with a professional photographer co-working with us in order to take photos of professional quality. This service is charged extra according to the photographer price list.

  7. The Office reserves the right to changes the above Rules notifying the Clients about the changes. 

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