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Psychologist advice

Do you feel lonely and find it difficult to meet the right partner? Do you want to love and be loved? Perhaps you have experienced marital infidelity or your relationship has come to an end, or have you experienced divorce or a loss of your spouse, you cannot cope with your emotions and loneliness bites you more and more? Make an appointment for a consultation with a psychologistOur psychologist with many years of experience will help you understand better your present situation and advise you how to cope with sadness and feeling lonely and will show you the way out of the crisis you are going through. Apart from that we will help you find a real partner and create a new relationship. If the points below even in part characterize the situation you are in at present, call us!


  1. Do you feel lonely and find it difficult to meet the right partner?

  2. Do you feel sadness, depression, lack of vital energy?

  3. Do you want to love and be loved?

  4. Do you constantly meet wrong partners and your relationships end up in split-up?

  5. Do unsuccessful relationships and the present lack of a partner cause your sadness and depression?

  6. Do you have problems with your partner and keeping your relationship?

  7. Did you go through your spouse’s death and you cannot cope with sadness after their loss?

  8. Have your mature children left home and you feel the syndrome of empty nest

  9. Are you a woman or a man with a past?

  10. Do you find it difficult to meet new people? Are you shy or you lack opportunities to meet people?

  11. Do you want to talk through you problems and get an objective advice?

Text "Psychologist’s Help" 666 518 111 or phone and make an appointment for a consultation with our psychologist. The first hour is free! You will feel better and get emotional support. Together we will certainly find the way out from your difficult situation. 
Remember you are not alone!

For our VIP Customers the meeting with our consultant as well as psychological advice can be arranged outside our Office at suitable time and place for the Client.


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